Catawba Valley Engineering & Testing (CVET) is a full service Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental and Construction Materials Testing (CMT)/Special Inspections (SI) Consulting Firm based in Hickory, NC.

CVET’S staff is comprised of professional engineers, a professional geologist, a master special inspector and several fully certified technicians with a range of experience levels, enabling us to provide a full range of engineering, testing, and inspection. CVET and its personnel have experience on both large and small projects. Through our partnerships with engineering and environmental disciplines, we are able to offer a unique approach to your project.

Concrete Laboratory

Our concrete laboratory is AASHTO Accredited and as a Small Professional Services Firm (SPSF) with the NCDOT, we hold the following prequalification codes:

00119 – Inspection of Prestressed Concrete,
00195 – Roadway Construction Engineering & Inspection,
00233 – Structures Construction Engineering & Inspection,
00524 – Inspection of Asphalt Pavement Placement,
00527 – General Sampling Services, and
003045 – Drilling for Geoenvironmental Investigations.

Special Inspections

Working alongside our CMT and Geotechnical staff, our Special Inspection staff offers SI services to complete a start-to-finish construction process. Our turnkey approach minimizes communication time, travel time, and overall costs associated with projects. Our staff members are cross-trained in CMT, Geotechnical and SI services, allowing for a deeper understanding of project needs and the knowledge to navigate permitting and design requirements.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality control and quality assurance are both aspects of the quality system that work together and are equally valuable. CVET has developed a comprehensive Quality Management System to ensure the methods we use conform to regulatory standards.

The quality assurance aspect of our QMS aims to provide a level of confidence to satisfy all quality requirements with a focus on the processes used to develop and perform the procedures. Our goal is to prevent problems through planned and systematic activities, including periodic conformance audits and documentation. Everyone on the team is involved and responsible for quality assurance.

The objective of our quality control system is to inspect and verify, by the collection of data during field activities and laboratory testing, that projects comply with the contract documents and the client’s requirements.

Project Management

Successful project management can be summarized into three traits that motivate the project team: communication, planning, and coordination.  Each of these qualities will be applied to every project to assure a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship between CVET and its client.


CVET considers no phase of our operations of greater importance than safety. Communication to determine the level of risk assessment before the job starts is paramount to understanding risks that may be associated with the project.

We have a proactive, up-to-date safety standard that we expect our employees to follow. Our standards include: